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Country of Origin: Cambodia
Museum: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sandstone figure from pre-Angkor period dating to late 7th–early 8th century, and according to The Met’s website, either of Cambodian or Vietnamese origin*. The Washington Post published a detailed report (05 October 2021) on how this figure is likely the Harihara looted from Cambodia by Douglas Latchford, also soon to feature in Project Brazen’s Dynamite Doug.

According to the Washington Post (05 Oct 2021): “The information published by the museum says the piece came from southern Cambodia and describes its style as “pre-Angkor period.” It was purchased from one of Latchford’s collaborators, Spink & Son, in 1977.

A very similar piece is described in the Latchford indictment — same religious figure, same dealer, same period, same location — and it apparently was looted…

…The Met declined to respond to reporters’ questions about the provenance of its Harihara piece or any of the 12 relics purchased from or donated by Latchford and currently on display in its collection.”

*Having studied the Wayback Machine, The Met updated the webpage of the Harihara between 05 November 2021 and 17 October 2022, changing the origins from ‘Southern Cambodia’ to ‘Cambodia or Vietnam’ –


The team at Dynamite Doug requested comment with a series of detailed questions, including regarding the change of origin of the Harihara on The Met website. The Met acknowledged receipt but did not respond.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art Harihara